IIoT Revolution - Intelligent Control by QTS Gateway
IEI's new generation smart fan-less embedded computer has an ultra-rugged design that allows stable operation even under the worst environments; it is not only quiet but also safe. The TANK-860-QGW supports the QTS Gateway operating system allowing you to easily monitor the system status. Diverse application programs can also be downloaded to satisfy different application needs.
QTS Gateway
QTS Gateway is an operating system designed specifically for IEI IPCs and fully integrated the QNAP NAS operating system (QTS), breaking through the stereotype of IPCs of not having operating systems and saving unnecessary costs for installing servers and computers. QTS Gateway not only allows easy monitoring of computer status through its visualized interface, it also allows the use of many free application programs, making it multifunctional while challenging the values of traditional IPCs.
Traditional IPC Cloud-based IPC
Remote System Visualization No Yes
(additional devices must be
purchased and installed)
Built-in VM virtual application
Remote Device Management No
(additional management software must be installed)
Free software: Qcenter, QPulse
Data Backup No
(additional management software must be installed)
Hybrid Backup Sync
myQNAPcloud Management No Yes, supports system update
through a cloud
Video Surveillance

(additional surveillance software
must be installed)

Free software: Surveillance Station
RAID Data Storage No
(must use with specific platforms)
Support for Mobile Devices No Free App Qle, Qmanager
Three-in-one virtualized application – computation, storage, network
Virtualization Station
Painless migration, complete OS virtualization
The virtual machine can share the network interface with TANK-860-QGW by defining the network through the software, and use internal communication to achieve best data transmission speed. The network operation mode is designed using the SDN structural concept; it supports Intel® VT-d (Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O) and allows external PCIe/PCI devices and RS-232, USB and Digital I/Os ports to connect (pass-through) to the virtual machine to provide high performance computing and transmission. No complicated relocations and settings are required from the physical machine to virtual machine to enjoy the same operation modes.
Container Station
Running lightweight, containerized applications instantly
Container Station extends the JeOS (Just enough OS) spirit and uses lightweight virtualization technology to allow developers and IT administrators to easily and freely switch between PC, TANK- 860-QGW and cloud. In addition, Container Station also supports one-button installation for many application programs so there is no need to memorize complicated program settings, allowing you to easily create integrated development environments.
Linux Station
Creating an open source platform for unlimited potential
QNAP uses advanced virtualization technology to perfectly run both QTS and Linux operating systems in parallel. Just download Linux Station from the App Center and use VGA/DP/DVI display to output the entire Ubuntu desktop, and then add a keyboard and mouse to use the Ubuntu system just like operating a computer. Linux Station also allows you to freely switch between output resolutions and even enable the remote connection function so that the current outputted screen can be displayed through a browser at any time for remote controlling.
Remote monitoring/Multi-server management – best helper for IT personnel
environmental monitoring
• Improve server health status control for the administrators
• Detect, match, monitor and control resources in your network on a single platform.
• Support agent-based (QRMAgent) and agentless (IPMI) surveillance, and IPMI 2.0.
• Track system parameters of all important devices and provide alarm and event management.
• Generate reports to help you analyze network resource efficiency.
• Exclusive QRMAgent (lightweight remote management agent service) that supports
multiple platforms such as Windows and Linux.
• Save time on troubleshooting and quickly restore the system to operable status.
Q'center Centralized
management of multiple NAS
QTS Gateway integrated the Q'center management tool allows you to manage QNAP NAS and TANK- 860-QGW at once. Q'center only needs to be installed on one TANK-860-QGW or QNAP NAS in your area network as the management server, and visualized summary charts can be used to easily browse the disks, capacities and health status of each machine. You can also customize dashboard combinations, the content to display, and the alarm criteria. Centralized monitoring and managing of multiple devices, quick deployment, real-time data collection and visualized reports allow the job of IT personnel to be easier and more efficient.
Data center and backup – Perfect integration of public and private clouds
Hybrid Backup Sync
Perfect integration of public and private clouds
Hybrid Backup Sync provides complete disaster recovery, being able to backup or synchronize the data on TANK-860-QGW to external devices, remote servers or cloud spaces.
  • Local backup and synchronization
  • Remote on-site backup and synchronization
  • Cloud synchronization solution
Data security – Strict protection of corporate secrets
The risk of data security has emerged recently. When using TANK-860-QGW as a data storage center, strict protection is required especially for confidential business files and machine data etc. In view of this, QTS Gateway provides comprehensive protection to help you protect your data and lower security risks so that the IT staff can focus on system applications.
• Network environment configuration
• Transmission & data encryption
• Virus protection• RAID (RAID 1)
• Local/remote snapshot
Surveillance Station – remote video surveillance
Find out about surveillance status at any time
You can upload the floor plan to the video surveillance center and then drag the webcam icon to the installed positions. Once an alarm event occurs, the camera icon will flash allowing you to quickly check and resolve the situation. You can also set five e-mail addresses for the system to send alarm event notification.
Network offload, exert full hardware performance
You can set to separate the traffic flow of Surveillance Station and other application programs; this can prevent affecting the operation of other programs due to network overload and maintain optimal read and write performance.
Fast forward, fast rewind, adjust speed and playback by frame
By using the shuttle button, you can drag it to the right to fast forward or to the left to fast rewind in order to quickly find the screen that you want; you can also control the speed. When you get close to the time the event occurred, you can view frame by frame to check details on the event.
myQNAPcloud – breaking local area network restrictions for easy remote update
SSL secure connection credentials
You QNAP provides optional purchase of myQNAPcloud SSL credentials so that secure transmission channels can be created between the browser and the TANK-860-QGW to ensure data security.
Remote monitoring
and management
You can use Qmanager to remotely check system connection records and statuses, and even set push notifications to allow TANK-860-QGW to send you realtime notifications when specific events occurred and find out the latest system status.
Qfile Remote
file access
Qfile allows you to remotely access the data on TANK- 860-QGW; several types of file formats can be browsed and shared with other people through e-mail or application programs. Compressed files can also be created to prevent the files from being too big and all of these can be completed using a mobile phone!
Creating your IIoT solution with QTS Gateway
Application example 1: Big data analysis, fast and accurate Auto ID
Many companies use automatic identification (Auto ID) technology to keep track of the locations of materials and goods, and the production statuses, but the speed and accuracy are never very satisfying. TANK-860-QGW can connect with barcode readers to collect data which can be sent to the machines and alarm systems on the production line in real-time by running barcode reading programs on VM through Virtualization Station, achieving M2M communication. In addition, original data and the analyzed data can be sent to the IDC or the R&D staffs through Hybrid Backup Sync to use as a basis to optimize the system and capacity.
Application example 1: Big data analysis, fast and accurate Auto ID
TANK-860-QGW is like the brain of robots and its multiple I/O outputs can connect to various automated control, machine vision and data acquisition devices, just like the limbs and sense of human. The PCI-SN300 motion control card can be controlled by running application program on VM using Virtualization Station, allowing USB 3.0 cameras to capture images to use as the eyes of the robot to perform positioning. Robots can exchange data and use algorithms to optimize application programs, and then send it back to TANK-860-QGW to send unified commands to all equipment. In addition, Hybrid Backup Sync can also be used to backup data on to other storage devices, lowering the risk of data loss and preserve precious data.

Connectable devices:
VGA, DisplayPort, DVI: display screen
RS-232 /422/485: PLC
DIO: Supports DIO equipment, switch and alarm
USB : Supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices