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Infinite Possibilities for Your Life - IEI Provides Diverse Brilliant Smart Solutions in WCIT 2017
IEI Event News
WCIT Taiwan 2017

Infinite Possibilities for Your Life
IEI Provides Diverse Brilliant Smart Solutions in WCIT 2017

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2017), also known as the Olympics of the ICT industry, will take place from September 10 to 13 in Taipei. IEI Integration Corp. is very honor to cooperate with different vendors to provide excellent intelligent solutions in retail, healthcare and Internet of Things which will be shown on four booths during the WCIT exhibition. The following information provides a guide to assist you to discover more details about our brilliant solutions.

Intelligent RetailIEI X QNAP – Intelligent Retail, Booth No. D618

QNAP® Systems, Inc. and IEI® Integration Corp. will bring together their IoT innovations to demonstrate smart retail solutions - an "Intelligent Store" that integrates business intelligence technologies to fulfill responsive in-store experiences and return business results faster. The demonstrated intelligent store also involves a technical partnership from Gorilla's intelligent signage and Viscovery's video AI services.

QTS GatewayIEI X Microsoft – Intelligent Environmental Protection,
Booth No. D127

Utilizing the recommended system from Microsoft Azure platform and the database built by AlphaInfo, the dispatched vehicle equipped with the IKARPC-07A In-vehicle Panel PC can receive customer demands and transmit the vehicle situation through Internet anytime anywhere. In order to resolve the traditional paper processing and storage problems, IEI provides the smart data center solution implemented with embedded system and QTS Gateway platform to offer automatic data transfer and data backup while obtaining drivers and recycling material information collected by the MODAT-532 Industrial PDA. Furthermore, it also provides remote management for monitoring the recycling center in real-time.

Smart HealthcareIEI – Smart Healthcare and Fitness, Booth No. A203 & A220

IEI medical solution not only offers powerful and useful devices but also provides practical total solution to advance the medical institute. Under IEI healthcare solution, we focus on decreasing human error in the workflow and creating a paperless environment by utilizing IEI smart medical products. Highly modular design also helps the user facing various situations in a flexible way and enhances the work efficiency in their daily routine.
• Nursing Cart Solution
• Mobile Ward Round Solution
• Bedside Infotainment System
• Smart Artificial Assistant–AfoBot

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