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Improve Service Quality with IEI Smart Healthcare Solution
IEI Smart healthcare Solution

IEI smart healthcare solution not only offers powerful and useful devices but also provides practical total solution to advance medical technology. IEI healthcare solution aims at decreasing human error in the workflow and creating a paperless environment by utilizing IEI smart medical products. Highly modular design also helps the user manage various situations in a flexible way and enhance work efficiency in their daily routine.

Daily Ward Round

IEI tablet PC features exceptional ergonomics, industrial sealing and high drop resistance for withstanding the most extreme industry-specific environment, and IEI industrial PDA provides a total wireless solution with Android operating system. Our mobile solution helps hospitals improve the efficiency of medical personnel’s daily work. Read More

More applications
- Vital Signal Collection
- Nursing Cart

DatasheetCase Study Download - Special Ward

Daily Ward Round

Integrated Information Platform

Integrated Information Platform

IEI medical grade hardware solutions provide surgical team an integrated information platform so that they can perform the procedure more efficient, accurate and safe. Read More

More application
- Imaging Computing

DatasheetCase Study Download - Digital Medical Information System

DatasheetCase Study Download - Operating Room

Bedside Terminal

IEI panel PC series adapted to the environment of hospital is capable of interconnecting with medical devices and displaying critical information. User-friendly-oriented design and multiple size choices allow hospitals to select the appropriate device for different types of patient room. Read More

More application
- Bedside Infotainment System

Bedside Terminal
Smart healthcare Solution Products Collection
HTB-100 -- Fanless medical grade embedded computer. Coming soon. DatasheetDatasheet Buy on-lineSend inquiry.

POC-W22A-H81 -- 21.5” Medical Grade Panel PC. More Info. DatasheetDatasheet Buy on-lineBuy on-line...

pCART-N2 -- Robust medical cart. More Info. DatasheetDatasheet Buy on-lineBuy on-line...

HDC-304E -- PCI Express Video/Audio Capture Card. More info. DatasheetDatasheet Buy on-lineBuy on-line....

HTDB-100FM -- Handheld 2D barcode scanner. Coming soon. DatasheetDatasheet Buy on-lineSend inquiry.

BIS-W19C-ULT3 -- Fanless bedside infotainment system. Coming soon. DatasheetDatasheet Buy on-lineSend inquiry.


♦ Best-selling products with 15-year long-term supply

IEI best-selling motherboard

Top 8 best-selling IEI products include Bay trail, Braswell & Skylake series embedded boards. These embedded board series provide high performance and low power consumption, and can widely be used in vertical markets and all industrial environments. Meanwhile, in order to provide more stable and better service to our customers, these boards also feature 15-year long term supply!
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♦ Awards
-- Congrats!! IEI's AFL3-W19C & HDTB-100FM Win 2017 Red Dot Design Award!!
-- IEI's POC-W22A-H81 Wins the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017

Smart Healthcare Webinar
WCIT Taiwan 2017

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