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IEI Launches the New Generation Rugged PDA - MODAT-532 - Your Best Data Collector!!
IEI Press Release
The Powerful, Optimized & Rugged Mobile Data Collector

【Taipei, Taiwan】 IEI Integration Corp. introduces the latest generation of fully-rugged PDA - MODAT-532. The MODAT-532 is the combination of a 1D/2D imager barcode scan engine and IP 67 compliant portable device, making it ideal as a mobile data collector for workers in any environment.

MODAT-532Powerful Capability

The MODAT-532 is powered by the quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A53 processor, built in with high capacity memory (16 GB eMMC and 2 GB LPDDR3), and operated under the easy-to-use Android 5.0 OS for achieving optimized mobile computing capability. The mobile device also features the angled barcode reader and 13-megapixel AF rear camera for more accurate and versatile data collection. Moreover, with the GSM (800, 900, 1800, 1900), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, optional WCDMA, TDD and 4G LTE FDD wireless communication technologies, the MODAT-532 can keep you connected anytime, anywhere and always ready for any mission.

Ruggedized Design, Superior Mechanism

The MODAT-532 is compact and lightweight. Under its slim appearance, it is also IP 67 compliant which is rugged enough to operate in harsh indoor and outdoor environment. This handheld device is designed to withstand high drops and function well in dusty and heavy rain conditions. Besides, the MODAT-532 offers sunlight readable 5.3” screen with multi-touch capability.

The Best Mobile Data Collector You’ve Never Had

The MODAT-532 is able to enhance the mobility of on-duty work force. All data and information captured by it can be transferred via the wireless communication technologies, therefore providing real-time response without any loss. The MODAT-532 can perform diverse tasks and create amazing value and high reliability for manufacturing, retail, healthcare and logistics industries.


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