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Welcome you join IEI 2016 September Webinar - Factory Automation
IEI Factory Automation

It's the time when factory automation becomes a requirement for all industries. How to replace human vision with intelligent machines/devices and how to monitor the production process are key to enable a successful factory automation solution. IEI sees the market trend and is dedicated to developing new technology and solutions, that satisfy needs of automation. Here is an opportunity for you to get involved with IEI’s machine vision and video capture solutions! We delightfully invite to our Factory Automation Webinar on Wednesday, 21th September 2016, at 3:30pm Taipei Time.



Enabling Factory Automation with
IEI Machine Vision and Video Capture Solutions


  • Machine vision system in automated production

  • IEI MV products and roadmap (barcode reader & industrial camera)

  • Video recording application & surveillance system in factory

  • IEI video capture product roadmap

  • Q&A (5~7 mins)

Join the webinar to discover:

  • The importance of machine vision in factory automation solution

  • The benefits of implementing IEI machine vision system

  • The features of IEI video capture products

  • IEI machine vision and video capture product roadmap

IEI designs and develops industrial cameras, barcode readers and embedded computers to reliably perform inspection tasks at higher speed and with greater precision than human eyes. Furthermore, with advanced technology, IEI's video capture products and embedded computers can be the surveillance solution for production and security monitoring purpose.


If you have any interest about this webinar, please contact with your IEI sales representative.