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QTS Gateway_Surveillance Station: Remote & Real-Time Video Surveillance Expert!

Surveillance station is a professional network surveillance Video Management System. The Surveillance Station can provide real-time monitoring, recording, playback, alarm notification, and management. It allows you to easily manage and monitor multiple IP cameras in real-time through web browsers to create a working environment with no blind spots.

The video surveillance center provides four free camera channels, and supports ONVIF and PSIA universal camera protocols, compatible with over 3,000 IP camera models of over 100 brands.

Surveillance Station

Network load balancing, achieve the best hardware

Empowered with a tiered storage architecture, QTS Gateway can now separately store data in different storage pools that consist of dedicated hard drives. Additionally, you can designate dedicated network ports for NVR or NAS traffic to achieve the best data write/read performance.

Find out about surveillance status at any time
You can upload the floor plan to the video surveillance center and then drag the webcam icon to the installed positions. Once an alarm event occurs, the camera icon will flash allowing you to quickly check and resolve the situation. You can also set five e-mail addresses for the system to send alarm event notification.

Automatically configuration updating
Surveillance Station 5.1 with a double video space usage threshold default settings, will not let you save images remaining space is less than 5%, or image space than 1TB.

Playback speed control with the shuttle bar
With the speed-control shuttle bar, users are able to fast forward and rewind playback by dragging the bar to find the desired capture quickly.

PTZ Control and ROI
Directly adjust the vertical tilt, left/right panning angles, and zoom on cameras with compatible PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) functions. The ROI function is excellent for high definition cameras and enables users to freely enlarge, adjust, or move the region of interest on any recording channel.

You can find more details about Surveillance Station in the following excellent online training course.

» Surveillance Station Introduction & Set up

Surveillance Station Introduction
Surveillance Station Introduction & Set up



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