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Embracing the IoT Era : QTS Gateway_Introduction & Installation
Introduction & Installation

QTS Gateway can help customers easily migrate their current application to the cloud in just one step. It provides virtualization technology and Docker Container technology for any kinds of cloud application. By directly connecting to the cloud through the built-in apps and its multiple functions, QTS Gateway is capable to achieve the goals of Remote Control, Expected Maintenance and Asset Management in industrial IoT applications.

QTS Chart

Painless Migration Complete OS Virtualization
Virtualization Station is able to create multiple virtual machines to run various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android on IEI QTS Gateway. It helps to quickly integrate existing IT infrastructure into the NAS without additional hardware costs.

Strong Data Backup & Security Capability
IEI QTS Gateway supports complete disaster recovery, being able to backup or synchronize the data on any hardware to external devices, remote server or public & private cloud spaces.

Real-time & Simple Remote Management
The real-time remote control can be achieved through the web platform. The visualized summary charts provided by QTS Gateway can be used to easily browse the disk capacity and health status of each machine.

QTS Gateway is a complete IoT software and the best partner to grow up your business in IoT Era.

To know more information about QTS Gateway and the simple way to install QTS Gateway, please click the following video links to watch the excellent training course presented by IEI product managers.

» IEI QTS Gateway Introduction & How to install QTS Gateway?

IEI QTS Gateway Introduction
IEI QTS Gateway Introduction & How to install QTS Gateway?



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QTS Brochure

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