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Creating your IIoT solution with QTS Gateway

Creating your IIoT solution
with QTS Gateway
The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) concept is changing the past production modes; more and more automated equipment is used to replace manual labor. However, the meaning of automation would have been lost if these equipment still have to rely on a lot of manpower. Machine to machine (M2M) communication, data storage and analysis capability are the keys to creating a smart production line. IEI incorporates with QNAP to launch its TANK-860-QGW cloud-based IPC with QTS Gateway operating system, offering possibilities of connecting devices, communications and the cloud servers for IPC applications.

Creating your IIoT solution with QTS Gateway  

Application example 1: Big data analysis, fast and accurate Auto ID
Many companies use automatic identification (Auto ID) technology to keep track of the locations of materials and goods, and the production statuses, but the speed and accuracy are never very satisfying. TANK-860-QGW can connect with barcode readers to collect data which can be sent to the machines and alarm systems on the production line in real-time by running barcode reading programs on VM through Virtualization Station, achieving M2M communication. In addition, original data and the analyzed data can be sent to the IDC or the R&D staffs through Hybrid Backup Sync to use as a basis to optimize the system and capacity.

Application example 2: Central nervous system of robots
TANK-860-QGW is like the brain of robots and its multiple I/O outputs can connect to various automated control, machine vision and data acquisition devices, just like the limbs and sense of human. The PCI-SN300 motion control card can be controlled by running application program on VM using Virtualization Station, allowing USB 3.0 cameras to capture images to use as the eyes of the robot to perform positioning. Robots can exchange data and use algorithms to optimize application programs, and then send it back to TANK-860-QGW to send unified commands to all equipment. In addition, Hybrid Backup Sync can also be used to backup data on to other storage devices, lowering the risk of data loss and preserve precious data.

Connectable devices:
VGA, DisplayPort, DVI: display screen
RS-232 /422/485: PLC
DIO: Supports DIO equipment, switch and alarm
USB : Supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices


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