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Join IEI 2016 January Webinar - Smart Healthcare Solution !!!
IEI Satisfies All Your Healthcare Demands!

What is the big issue for medical environment? Do you know the important demands of smart healthcare? You cannot miss the opportunity to increase business development in healthcare market with IEI! IEI Integration Corp. delightfully launches our Healthcare Webinar on Wednesday, 27th of January 2016, at 3:30pm Taipei Time.



IEI Satisfies All Your Healthcare Demands!


  • IEI Company Profile

  • Healthcare Market Overview

  • Medical Certification Introduction

  • IEI Healthcare Products Introduction

  • Successful Stories Sharing

  • Q & A (5-7 mins)

Our 30-minute webinar will give you all the insider information to help you improve smart healthcare solutions.

Join the webinar to discover the benefits of:

  • Realizing the Trend of Healthcare Market

  • Quick Understanding Healthcare Regulations

  • Engaging with IEI Powerful Healthcare Device

  • Discovering More Applications with IEI Products

The medical panel PC developed by IEI completely meets users’ needs and ergonomics criteria. Highly modular design provides flexible applications in various situations; the light and slim design revised the bulky image of the medical panel PC. Moreover, with the IEI Remote Intelligent System (iRIS), IT personnel can greatly enhance management, monitoring and maintenance efficiency in hospitals.


If you have any interest about this webinar, please contact with your IEI sales representative and also can visit IEI Smart Healthcare Website to get more solution details. Look forward to hearing you!!