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IEI Sincerely Invites You to Aimex Seoul 2016
Aimex Seoul 2016
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  IEI Smart Factory Solution
    Developing and Perfecting Your Smart Factory

IEI's smart factory solution improves the production efficiency and warehouse management accuracy. To catch the wave of automatic assembly, robot system will be a major role along with the machine vision and motion control solutions. For factory automation control terminals, IEI offers industrial computing solutions with robust IP65 design, wide temperature, and flexible add-on card expansion. To elevate the efficiency of warehouse management, IEI provides UHF RFID and 1D/2D barcode reader solutions with various form factors.

 • Warehouse Management System  • Machine Vision Solution
Warehouse Management System (WMS)  
Material input/output management and examination are the duty of a warehouse. As quantity inconsistency is the most common problem in handwritten vouchers, personnel will be unable to capture the exact quantity of material input, shipping, and stock and implement first in first out (FIFO) control. Even worse, personnel will need to spend more time on finding raw materials, and can not trace incoming materials effectively. IEI thus introduces Warehouse Management System (WMS) to provide convenient and traceable management through cloud computing. The benefits of the WMS include:
• Ensure traceability for raw material input and product shipping.
• Shorten material selection and shipping time.
• Enhance warehouse management efficiency and accuracy.
• Ensure real-time warehouse information.
• Minimize customer complaints from man-induced mistakes.
• Enable real-time capture of fleet status and enhance vehicle dispatch flexibility.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Smart Warehouse Management Solutions
Smart Warehouse Management Solutions  
Deliveryman can scan the delivery receipt through the barcode reader to upload goods data back to the goods management system for instant update.
Incoming materials
Incoming materials
After completing the IQC inspection, the system generates an ID for raw materials. This ID enables users to trace the supplier, material incoming date, IQC inspection results, and supplier lot number. Warehouse personnel can retrieve information from their mobile devices, including the storage lot of raw materials and route instruction, to facilitate slotting raw materials.
Shipping activities
Mobile devices provide picking personnel shipping list to manage picking by picking sequence, by picking route, and by FIFO. When shipping products with pallets, mobile devices will collect the product ID on the shelve using RFID technology to record the shipping order and transportation information.
Incoming materials UPC
The AFL3/PPC-F/UPC panel PCs support
wide-range operating temperature so that
they can be deployed in any high- or
lowtemperature warehouses.
• Full IP 65 touch panel PC
• CAN bus, Wi-Fi supported
• Optional RFID reader
• Suitable for forklift application
AFL3 Panel PC PPC-F Series
AFL3 Panel PC PPC-F Series
• Support multi-touch, IP 64 compliant
  front panel
• Equipped dual LAN (GbE) and Wi-Fi
• PPC-F heavy industrial panel PC
• Support multi-touch, IP 65 compliant front panel
• Equipped dual LAN (GbE) and Wi-Fi
Machine Vision Solution  
Machine vision is a replacement for human vision and judgment by using video cameras, software and computers to perform an inspection task, such as gauging, counting as well as barcode and optical character reading (OCR). IEI designs and develops advanced industrial cameras, barcode readers and embedded computers, which can be used to perform reliably at higher speed and with greater precision.
Machine Vision Solution
Inspection & Verification  
Machine Visio
IEI industrial cameras are equipped with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface
and can stably transfer data to PC while in continuous shooting, enabling
it to become a reliable and high compatibility platform. The algorithm independently developed by IEI enables users to implement additional image processing from the camera to reduce time of the image inspection processing.
Inspection & Verification
Product Selection: HSC-03M2-O & TANK-760
TANK-760-HM86 TANK-6000
TANK-760-HM86 TANK-6000
• Support three independent video outputs
• Support IEI iRIS-2400 (IPMI 2.0 compliant)
• Support IPMI 2.0 via IEI iRIS solution
• Workstation with Intel® C226 chipset
DM-F Series HSC-03M2-O
DM-F Series HSC-03M2-O
USB 3.0 Lightweight Camera
• Robust IP 65 aluminum front bezel
• HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA flexible video input
• Support SuperSpeed USB 3.0 & optoisolated
  external GPIO, up to 60fps
• Support OpenCV, Open eVision & MIL
• Support triple display with HDMI/DVI/VGA
• Support USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s and PCI
  Express Gen3
• Support IPMI 2.0 via iRIS-2400 module
• Intel® Xeon processor D-1500 product family
• Intel® 10 GbE supported
• Support IPMI 2.0 via iRIS-2400 module
Applications: • Quality Checking • Subassembly Verification • Packing Inspection
IoT 1D/2D Barcode Reader Solution
IoT High Speed Barcode Reader  
IoT High Speed Barcode Reader
Installing ITDB Series barcode reader with QNAP NAS system allows you to manage your production lines in a more efficient way. The NAS can act as a private cloud or a public cloud. An ITDB system that runs over an IP network infrastructure enables the decoded images and results to be distributed to any number of sites, within the constraints of available bandwidth.
Product Selection: ITDB 100 Series and QNAP NAS TVS-x71
ITDB-100L / ITDB-100HD TVS-x71
ITDB-100L / ITDB-100HD TVS-x71
High Speed 2D Barcode Reader
Supporting remote monitoring and control
via PC/NAS/Android phones & tablets
• Manage, share, and back up business data
  with Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR)
• 10GbE-ready, highly-efficient storage solution
  for 4K video playback, transcoding and on-the-
  fly editing
Applications: • Logistics • Airport • High-speed Manufacturing Line

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