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IEI POC-W22A-H81 Wins the Innovative Products 2015 !!!
IEI Press Release
IEI POC-W22A-H81 Wins the Innovative Products 2015
and Golden Pin Design Award 2014

【Taipei, Taiwan】 What a glorious thing! In recent years, the IEI POC-W22A-H81 ultra-slim intelligent medical-grade panel PC has won the Innovative Products 2015, Golden Pin Design Award 2014 and COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2014 in product design category. These prizes are the best-known professional design awards in Global. IEI stands out in the highly competitive products to get the prizes.

The intelligent POC-W22A-H81 slim panel PC features the 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5/i3/Pentium® CPU for power-hungry operation. Its IP 65 compliant front panel and the protective plastic case contains an anti-microbial additive that fights surface bacteria and stops them from spreading, multiplying or surviving. In addition, the POC-W22A-H81 medical panel PC has a screw-less design for easy maintenance and assembly. HDD, RAM, FAN we can replacement or upgrade easily.

An optional battery can be installed in the slim POC-W22A-H81 medical panel PC to provide backup power for up to 30 minutes in case of a power interruption. This feature offers protection against disruption of critical business operations or loss of data. Point-of-Care terminals are typically scattered in many different locations throughout a hospital and make it hard to manage the systems effectively. IEI Remote Intelligent System (iRIS) is now offering an advanced remote management technology based on IPMI 2.0. With the iRIS technology, the POC-W22A-H81 panel PCs are capable of being monitored and managed via Internet. It allows staffs to manage, monitor, and maintain the distributed POC-W22A-H81 terminals remotely no matter where they are located in the hospital.

These awards tally underscores the IEI’s commitment to delivering innovative products, focusing needs of healthcare markets and bringing the incredible experience to users. With this honor, IEI strives to offer innovative solutions, enhance distribution channels, and provide OEM/ODM services for customers now and in the future.

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