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IEI Launches the Extremely Rugged & Fanless Quad-core Industrial NAS - IS-453S
IEI Press Release

IEI Launches the Extremely Rugged &
Fanless Quad-core Industrial NAS - IS-453S

【Taipei, Taiwan】 IEI Integration Corporation announced the release of the IS-453S industrial NAS – a robust all-in-one, 2.5” SSD/hard drive compatible four-bay 2.5” SSD/HDD NAS designed for reliable operations in harsh environments. Reacting to the growing demand for networked storage in factories, warehouses, vehicles, and other non-office settings, the new IS-453S – built with a rugged steel body, supporting wide temperature from -40°C to 50°C and fanless design – offers up to 224 MB/s throughput with a quad-core 1.91 GHz Intel® processor, up to 8 GB DDR3L memory, AES-NI encryption acceleration, hardware transcoding engine, and virtual machine, real time surveillance, container ready with graphics output via HDMI, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking for high performance, durable, and feature rich NAS server with compact size.

Featuring dual gigabit LAN ports, the IS-453S provides the power to run day-to-day tasks with up to 224 MB/s read and 222 MB/s write, and supports AES-NI hardware-accelerated encryption for over 200 MB/s encrypted transfer speed. Besides the default 12 V adapter power input, the IS-453S also supports a secondary 9 V–36 V 4-pin power input for use with vehicle’s ACC mode to remotely power up or shutdown the NAS.

The IS-453S can act as a comprehensive surveillance system for 24/7 security with the Surveillance Station, enabling users to manage real-time monitoring, video and audio recording and playback of up to 40 IP cameras. It allows over 3,000 compatible IP cameras and high compatibility with AXIS® Camera Companion and the video management software (VMS) for AXIS network cameras to offer a reliable and powerful video surveillance solution.

Featuring the latest QTS 4.2 operating system, the IS-453S provides various applications to meet business needs such as storage management, file sharing, virtualization applications, and more, including up to 1,024 volume/LUN snapshots per NAS for easy backup, restoration and cloning; cross-platform file sharing for Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and UNIX® users; support for Windows AD, LDAP directory services and Windows ACL; flexible backup solutions for Windows and Mac; disaster recovery solutions with Real-Time Remote Replication (RTRR), rsync and cloud storage backup. Users can flexibly expand the IS-453S storage on demand by connecting an 8-bay UX-800P or 5-bay UX-500P for the growing digital data. Moreover, it can run multiple applications on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android™ based virtual machines on the NAS with the Virtualization Station.

The new IS-453S is now available. For more information, please visit IEI Industrial NAS website.


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