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Weighing System

Like other systems that are designed for public use, a weighing system needs to be built to take abuse.

A weighing system is designed for customers to weight items in the store by themselves, saving the shop the allocation of an employee for this task.

What was needed

For this particular installation, a 12” screen was needed as a balance between size and cost. Too big and there is a waste of space unnecessary extra cost. Too small and users with poor eyesight like the elderly will be unable to use it.

The panel PC also needed to connect to the keypad so required the peripheral connections necessary to do that.

What we chose

The following were chosen as possible candidates for this installation.

  • AFL-12A-LX
  • AFL-12A-N270
  • Extra: extra-durable resistive touch

These models differ only in the design of their internal hardware, but share most of the other features.

The more durable touch screen was the clincher, as it ensured the long life of the weighing system.

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