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Casino and Gaming

How to make technology serve guests better while improving business operations

Casinos offer an exciting escape from the mundane. A chance to dive into another world.

From the bellhop’s friendly “Welcome” to the little umbrella on your cocktail while sitting by the pool, you enter a world where you are pampered like royalty for a day.

Until technology ruins the show.

“Just swipe here, sir.”

“Oh, sorry, we seem to be having computer trouble. Hang on a moment.”

This is a sure-fire way to ruin the experience. Nobody wants to “hang on a moment,” they want to enjoy themselves. Kinks in technology disturb an otherwise wonderful time. Better technology must improve the experience, not ruin it.

And let’s not forget the decorative disaster that a big, ugly, gray computer is for the decor.

In this case study we’re going to dive into deep end and drudge out the exact details of how we solved all these reliability and styling issues. Also, we’ll show you how we’ve done this without sacrificing the benefits the technology brings to business operations.

The Problem

Where do you hide your desktop computer?

Out of sight in a comfy office or under your desk?

The hard truth is that desktop computers are unreliable, very big and downright ugly.

But love them or hate them, computers are an inescapable, and essential, part of doing business.

Gaming is cut-throat, and it’s essential that as many processes are automated through the use of technology and computers.

The upsides are that tracking mechanisms allow a finer-grained view of operations and the ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently.

However, there are issues with computers in casino and gaming.

The usual array of home and business desktop computers just don’t provide the reliability that traditional industrial computers provide.

That’s huge.

In a home environment it’s not a big deal. But profits are lost when a table is out of action for any length of time.

Desktop computers are notoriously big. The case often has extra LED lights that are an eyesore (that’s why the computer is hidden) and the case itself takes up a lot of space (another reason to hide it under the table).


  • more reliability
  • smaller size
  • better look

The Search

Desktop computers are notoriously big. The case often has extra LED lights

that are an eyesore (that’s why the computer is hidden) and the case itself takes up a lot of space (another reason to hide it under the table).


The answer seems fairly obvious then. Just use rock-solid, reliable industrial computers. Fanless, low power technology means one less part to fail. Without heating issues, one of the biggest points of failure is eliminated. Low power processors are chosen specifically for the setup they’re to be used in. The machine can be customized for its intended purpose. Rather than a power hungry PC, a much more civilized processor can be used.

But aren’t industrial computers really ugly?

Yes, they are.

There, we said it. Industrial computers are for use in factories. There are no (or limited) aesthetics in a factory setting. Functionality is king.

Yes to the reliability. No to the ugly.

Our Solution

IEI took the next step. An industrial computer, a panel PC, with looks that far exceed those of any other computer.

An industrial panel PC that looks good.


Our Afolux range of panel PCs is designed with rugged, industrial computing technology at the core, but with an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.

But that’s not all. We saw the increased use of RFID tags and barcodes, so we added those to the available options.

With these extras, supporting the most common membership cards is not just easy, but an integral part of the design.

The Result

Space was saved at the playing table.

By switching from a computer case + monitor to an all-in-one panel PC, the brains of the computer are now tucked behind the screen. The aesthetic has improved, while also taking up less space. Adding a second monitor for the dealer to use is also super simple. Just set up a second monitor behind the Afolux and connect them. Simple.

The looks were improved significantly.

Specifically designed to look good in a commercial environment, the Afolux doesn’t stick out like a typical computer.

Functionality was increased.

Colored strips give visual feedback to make the interaction as clear as possible. And the added card readers and RFID readers give members the chance to use their membership cards to join the play at a table and have their winnings added directly to their accounts.

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