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Join us at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 — IEI Booth【TWTC Hall 1, 1F, No. D0401a】
IEI Event News
GITEX 2013
IEI welcomes your visiting to COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014

IEI Integration Corp. sincerely invites you to visit our COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 booth at Taipei World Trade Center
(No. D0401a, Hall 1) in Taiwan from 3rd June to 7th June.

This year, IEI will build a smart city to demonstrate how IEI’s products link to each other and how they can be applied in many different environments. Beginning from the home, IEI Smart Home solution integrates home appliance control with a security and alarm system to make the daily life easier and safer. On the street, IEI Smart Transport solution increases the efficiency of logistics and fleet management. In the store, IEI Smart Retail solution makes inventory management easy. Moreover, IEI Smart Factory solution brings you a convenient environment where production information can be automatically recorded in the database, therefore, people can track all items on the production lines, and monitor and control systems from remote without a mess. You can also see how IEI Smart Health solution helps record patient information regularly sends alerts to doctors immediately in case of emergency, and how IEI Smart Health devices provide bedside entertainment, patient care and clinical management. All of these IEI smart city solutions are based on the Smart Cloud via QNAP enterprise NAS which you can store, manage and share information in your private and safe place.

We're looking forward to seeing you at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 and visiting IEI’s booth for more details.

Exhibition Summary
Date 3rd – 7th June 2014

3rd – 6th  June 2014   09:30-18:00
7th     June 2014    09:30-16:00

Venue Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Booth No. D0401a

Booth Location
IEI Booth Location