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Widescreen 10, 15 and 19-inch All-in-One Touch Panel PC

IEI Announces Widescreen 10, 15 and 19-inch All-in-One Touch Panel PC

IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), the global industrial PC innovator, releases the widescreen all-in-one touch panel PC that can be applied in various fields including gaming, imaging, automobile surveillance, video conferencing and digital signage. Widescreen LCD utilizing the 16:9/16:10 aspect ratio will show minor black bands above and below the picture and will be useful to add in software function key in original operation interface. Users will have space available to display more windows simultaneously.



IEI’s AFOLUX wide 10”, 15” and 19” panel PCs, built in with the fan-less Intel® Atom™ processor, are the all-in-one systems ideal for low-power embedded applications. The mobile Intel® GM45 chipset brings the necessary power to address performance-hungry applications. The rich-multimedia panel PC is integrated with a 300K pixel camera and a set of digital microphone in the front panel and with a slim type optical disk drive. IP64-rated displays are ideal for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments. Built-in the ambient light sensor in front of the panel to automatically detect the amount of light in the viewing environment and auto-adjusts the brightness of the screen to avoid eye strained and tried, to provide comfortable viewing, power consumption saving and extend lamp lifetime.


With the help of HSDPA 3.5G communication, the AFOLUX panel PC can do much more than you can imagine. Applications such as station information display in a moving bus and advertising in a taxi, the network player makes your advertisement be seen everywhere around the world. AFOLUX panel PC series is compatible with 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n wireless standards. Operating at 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz frequency at data rates of up to 540 Mbps, you can now connect the panel PC to existing high-speed networks that use multiple access points within large or small environments. The high performance Intel® GM45 system, AFOLUX panel PC, is also equipped with the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) which is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data delivering high-definition video.

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