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Qseven CPU Module

IEI Releases Qseven CPU Module

IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), a global industrial PC innovator, announces the release of its Intel® Atom™ Z5xx based Qseven CPU module, the iQ7-US15W.

The Qseven form factor offers a number of benefits over competing form factors like ETX and COM Express. The Qseven standard does away with all legacy I/O interfaces, utilizing only faster modern I/O interfaces. It also features a small footprint and a simple, robust and inexpensive connector interface. The ultra-low power consumption and hardware-based H.264 decoding are ideally suited to medical devices, industrial controlling, gaming machines, mobile applications and many other embedded PC applications. All these factors ensure that the Qseven module will be a cost-effective choice and facilitate easy upgrades, if necessary, in the years ahead.


The MXM connector on the iQ7-US15W is very similar to a memory module connector and carries all of the I/O signals between the Qseven module and the baseboard. MXM connectors are most commonly used for the high speed connection of PCI Express graphics cards in laptops.

The compact 70mm x 70mm board has a small footprint. This leaves plenty of room for other components on the baseboard and allows easier development of baseboards and their features.


The Qseven form factor supports a TDP up to 12W, but typically uses less than half that. The low power consumption is ideal for mobile products where the main power source is the battery, significantly increasing the time between recharges.


External graphics cards consume a lot of power and take up a lot of space. Qseven modules provide SDVO, HDMI, DisplayPort and LVDS interfaces for monitors and screens. By using onboard graphics a lot of power can be saved and allows the CPU module to incorporate all functionality onboard.


For ultimate upgrading ease a standard API is applied to all Qseven modules. By using the API for implementation, boards from different manufacturers can be interchanged and upgraded without any other changes to hardware. Many of the other form factors have vendor specific elements, making upgrades, especially to a different manufacturer, very difficult and costly, negating one of the major benefits of the CPU module/baseboard design.

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