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ACT series of panel PCs with built-in RFID readers

IEI Technology introduces the ACT series - RFID solutions

IEI Technology Corp. is proud to introduce the ACT series of panel PCs with built-in RFID readers. The integrated RFID reader makes the ACT series a complete access control and security system for commercial, residential, industrial, financial, educational and government institutions.
The fanless design of the ACT series decreases downtime and reduces the need for on-site support due to cooling system failure. The system meets MIL-STD 810F testing procedures and the IP64 compliant front panel is sealed against water and dust intrusion. The built-in RFID reader works with EM and MIFARE cards and tags. The intuitive touch panel allows for easy operation and the built-in webcam and microphone can be used as an intercom through the LAN connection or as a biometric access control system based on facial and voice recognition.
The ACT family of products includes the 5.7" RISC-based EM or MIFARE capable ACT-457A, the 8" EM and MIFARE capable ACT-408A, the 8" SVGA ACT-08A and the 12" EM or MIFARE capable ACT-412A. 
The ACT-408A is an 8" touch control system with dual EM and MIFARE reading capabilities. ACT-408A features an Intel® Atom™ N270 processor for higher performance computing capabilities. ACT-408A includes a Wiegand communications bus interface allowing physical entrance control via a standard Wiegand 26 protocol through the slave reader most suitable for controlling and administrating large entrances and exits. This system can be matched with almost any access controller on the market.(More...)
The ACT-412A is a 12" TFT monitor with touch screen and EM/MIFARE access control. The system is built around a 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom™ N270 processor for ultra low voltage fanless operation. The ACT-412A features a four channel digital I/O (two inputs and two outputs) with screw terminals for easy connection. Digital input/output  devices enable direct control of equipment and machines, and are used in a wide variety of applications from factory automation and machine control to home automation. Motors, heaters, valves, lamps and other home appliances can be controlled with the digital I/O interface. Finally, the CMOS camera features a low light function for capturing images in poor lighting conditions.(More...)
The ACT-08A is an 8" SVGA intelligent access control panel PC, an intelligent all-in-one access control terminal that reads both MIFARE and EM tags and transponders. The fanless ACT-08A are built on the low power, low heat x86 Intel® 910GMLE and Intel® 945GSE chipsets. The x86-based architecture is more flexible than traditional RISC-based control terminals allowing customization on the most widely used system architecture available. The x86 architecture enables system developers to integrate sophisticated time attendance, access control and/or prepaid card software on the ACT-08A for door access, time attendance, cashless payment for vehicles, ticketing, membership cards, photocopying, dining, laundries or parking access control. (More...)
ACT-457A is a RISC-based EM/MIFARE access control terminal, with a full-color 5.7" TFT monitor and a touch screen. System functions are provided onscreen so all operations can be performed without needing a keyboard or mouse. The ACT-457A features an RMI Alchemy™ AU1250 500 MHz media processor with hardware decoding for MPEG1/2/4, DivX and WMV9. Multimedia features include a built-in 2W speaker, a microphone for bi-direction voice communication or voice message, and a 300K pixel web-camera for real-time image/video access and capture or facial identification. (More...)
The ACT series includes the IEI One Key Recovery software. This software easily creates a full system backup on demand and allows recovery from system failure by restoring to a previously made backup.
The ACT series with built-in RFID readers are a cost-effective part of a complete access control and security application. For more information, please visit or contact for further information or requests.

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