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Floor Information Acquisition Terminal

IEI Announces Floor Information Acquisition Terminal for Shop Floor Information Systems

Taipei, Taiwan, April 7, 2010


IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), a global industrial PC innovator, is glad to announce the eFIAT series of low cost devices for shop floor information systems. It is a compact, cost-effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, data terminal with rich communication functionality and turnkey data reading software. The eFIAT is ideal for applications that link the shop floor to ERP systems with AIDC technologies likes barcodes and RFID.


The eFIAT-100's slim design is suitable for production lines, assembly lines or quality assurance information collection where working space is usually limited and a full-sized computer is unnecessary. In addition, the eFIAT-100 is flexible enough to integrate with AIDC peripherals and other various expansion interfaces and feed real-time information to the host over the network. To ensure data collecting consistency, the eFIAT-100 carries special features to protect against unexpected system failures.


eFIAT-100 is designed based on open ARM9 architecture and is powered by Linux, it is truly a transparent device for user’s application software running on it. IEI provides SDK (Software Development Kit) for both Linux programming on eFIAT-100 and desktop application software development and S/W technical support service.

eFIAT-100 is a web-enabled device which means it equips built-in web server, FTP server, and related internet services. With these management web pages, users can configure any eFIAT-100 settings or monitor input data from each eFIAT connected input device via Internet. In addition, eFIAT administrator is an additional PC side utility for users to manage eFIAT-100 in the network. User can scan specific subnet to find all available eFIAT-100 and configure settings or upgrade firmware online on multiple eFIAT simultaneously.
eFIAT-100 is designed to against various exception circumstance which happens at floor.
(1) Network Failure : When the network is failure, eFIAT-100 auto detects and shows warning message and keeps working to collect data and store in local memory up to 10,000 records (depends on each record size), once network is recovered, these stored records would be uploaded one by one.

(2) Power failure : eFIAT-100 default consume DC power from adapter, while DC adapter power input is failure or interrupted, eFIAT-100 auto switches to consume DC power from 4.8V DC battery power input, once DC adapter power input is recovered, eFIAT-100 is auto switched back to consume DC adapter power input. This feature, along with optional battery pack, ensures eFIAT-100 still working against temporary power failure.

(3) Data Redundant : Sometimes, customer’s server system is implemented as redundant backup architecture. eFIAT-100 can be configured to automatically send each input data to two servers with different IP addresses.
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