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AFL-F08A industrial panel pc

IEI Launches the AFL-F08A 8" Flat-Bezel Panel PC

Taipei, Taiwan, April 14, 2010

IEI Technology Corp., today announced the release of the AFL-F08A, a new 8" panel PC featuring a completely flat front panel and advanced multitouch capabilities.
The AFL-F08A is a fanless system with an Intel® Atom™ processor that utilizes a decorative film overlay mounted on front of the touch panel to achieve a completely flat surface. The AFL-F08A includes all necessary input/output interfaces to control any subsystem or automation hardware in the office or home; it blends into almost any environment including in the living room or kitchen, a museum or a kiosk, on a yacht, or in automation applications.
The AFL-F08A flat-bezel design covers the entire front frame of the system to make the screen and bezel appear to blend together. The seamless flat-bezel touch-screen system offers the advantage of a sleek style with no edge effects and an easy to clean surface.


The front panel is IP64 compliant and the touch-screen utilizes a durable glass front surface for maximum resilience to scratches. 7H hardness anti-scratch surface is stronger than the conventional touch panel and is able to protect the screen from damage. Additionally, a special anti-reflection and anti-glare coating reduces reflection and increases transmission of light to produce a better image.
The AFL-F08A has hot keys controlled by cap-sensor in the front panel, 802.11 b/g wireless LAN, integrated Bluetooth 2.0 module and built-in 300K pixel CMOS camera with low-light capability. The AFL-08A is best suited for small-to-medium sized meetings and conferences held in facilities like local government councils, hotel conference rooms, training and educational venues and company boardrooms without external device installation.
With the IEI One Key Recovery software a full system backup can be created and restored in the case of system failure. No need for the additional cost of backup and recovery software as this is included with the product.
For more information, please visit or contact for further information.

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