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ECN-381B: High Definition Multimedia Box

IEI Technology announces the launch of high definition multimedia box

Taipei, Taiwan, April 20, 2010


IEI Technology Corp., a leading industrial PC provider, announces the launch of the Intel® Core™2 Duo-based fanless multimedia box, the ECN-381B. The multimedia box takes advantage of the built-in graphics processing features of the Intel® GM45 chipset, supporting high definition display of Blu-ray videos, and providing hardware accelerated MPEG-2 decoding. The ECN-381B features multiple applications such as fine art demonstration, live fashion show, and digital signage utilizations for high definition large screen display.


The Intel® GM45 delivers enhanced support for a high definition viewing experience. The ECN-381B features the Intel® GM45, which has been constructed with substantial improvements to the graphic and media related features. The ECN-381B is completely optimized for signage applications. The HDMI video interface enables 1080i/p HD digital output to large size screens. In addition, the ECN-381B has VGA and HDMI dual display interfaces which support high resolution and independent screen with audio output. The ECN-381B can be installed in fine art museums, used for advertisement broadcasting on large screens, and for any other applications needing high-definition graphics performance. The ECN-381B more than fills these requirements.


The ECN-381B has a passive cooling architecture design. The heat pipes and extruded aluminum fins transfer heat from the CPU and chipset to the system aluminum enclosure. With Intel® mobile Core™2 Duo 2.26 GHz, the ECN-381B is verified for reliability and stability under 40°C, supporting up to 31W CPU TDP with fanless operation.

The ECN-381B supports three kinds of storage devices including 2.5” SATA hard drive, CompactFlash® and SATA Disk-on-Module. Using the ECN-381B as signage player, users can install the operating system on the CompactFlash® card or SATA DOM, while storing multimedia content on the hard drive. This can protect the OS image from damage caused by frequent read/write operations during content playback and update.
The ECN-381B supports the latest recovery software from IEI called One Key Recovery. The software eliminates the frustration of system recovery after an unexpected system failure. The One Key Recovery function easily creates a full system backup on demand and allows system recovery by restoring to a previously made backup with a single click.


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