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Auto One Key Recovery by LAN

Auto One Key Recovery by LAN: Combining the Power of Networking Control, System Recovery and Backup Management

【Taipei, Taiwan, April 12, 2011】The Blue Screen of Death. And you are 500 miles away. This is an IT manager's nightmare. IEI launched One Key Recovery in April 2010 to help relieve the frustration of system failure with their exclusive, easy-to-use system backup and recovery tool. IEI now introduces One Key Recovery with auto re-boot through Local Area Network (LAN) system support. This upgrade allows the system manager to set up auto-recovery in the system BIOS. This means the system is able to automatically restore after system failure, and save backup files onto the server or any selected storage devices without pressing any command keys.

New IEI One Key Recovery Solution
Traditionally, the person in charge of system management needs to monitor client computers by reading event logs or alerts, and system recovery and backup usually requires a desk-side visit. This process results in high labor and storage costs making it an inefficient method of system management and control.

To simplify system recovery and backup management, IEI has joined with Symantec to provide the advanced One Key Recovery solution to save you time and money. The previous version of IEI One Key Recovery included technology to recover and backup the operating system with the simple press of a key. Now with more advanced and exclusive technology, the system can be recovered from backup through remote control via LAN. Furthermore, system backup can be stored in the server during the recovering process to save local disk drive space.

IEI gives more options for system recovery to meet customer demands in a variety of applications. The IT manager can configure the system to run recovery automatically from LAN or by pressing a key when the system fails. Remote networking recovery can be configured in the system BIOS and supports AMI, UEFI and Award BIOS versions. Every IEI single board computer, embedded system, and panel PC can be set to recover either automatically or manually.

The One Key Recovery software developed by IEI with Windows PE 2.0 can be used to create full system backup and restore from system failures. There is no need to buy additional backup and recovery tools. All migration tasks can be performed remotely from a central management console reducing the costs associated with a physical visit. Neither specialized IT staff, nor consultants are required to implement the system imaging and data migration. Thus, IEI One Key Recovery simplifies the imaging and migration process and is time and cost saving. Please note that IEI One Key Recovery works on IEI products only. A warning message "You are an illegal user" appears when attempting to run the software on a non-IEI product.

The One Key Recovery solution bundled with IEI products is your smart choice for remote control management, system backup and recovery.

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