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HDC-301, HDC-301E and HDC-302E

IEI Capture Card Solutions
IEI provides complete video/audio capture card solutions to fulfill the demands of various applications. The latest HDC solutions are capable of compressing and decompressing full HD video (1920×1080) in real-time using the H.264 codec. The products enable recording, playing, and transmitting HD video with high-definition quality on devices such as digital video cameras, home network devices, industrial broadcasting devices, and surveillance cameras. IEI IVC series provides standard-definition (SD) video resolution with standard or MP3 audio capture capability which provides better quality.

HD Video Capture Solutions  
High Definition Compression Capture Card
Main difference between hardware compression and software compression capture card:

H.264 Hardware Compression Solution
IEI HDC series products are designed with FUJITSU Codec IC MB86H46 solution which is capable of compressing and decompressing full HD video (1920 x1080) in the H.264 format in real-time.
Main Features
Supports high-definition 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video inputs
Supports video and audio capture from all kinds of HD devices
Edit and playback captured files on computer
H.264 codec support with better storage advantages
8-channel hardware capture with under 10% CPU loading
HDMI output port with hardware decoding for external HDMI monitor.
PCI and PCIe interfaces for different system configurations
Real time compressed files for better storage usage, cost savings and transmission rates. Best media quality HD video and audio can be provided with huge file storage capacity. With IEI HDC hardware compression function. Uncompressed Full HD video will be 373 MB/sec
(1920 x 1080 x 3 (R.G.B.) x 60 frame/sec. = 373.248 MByte)
Compressed video encoding bit rate range from
30 Mbps = 3.75 MB to 2 Mbps = 0.25 MB
The compressed file size compared to the uncompressed one is up to 1492:1
Take 30-minute full HD video recording as an example. The uncompressed video is 671 GB, while the compressed video encoding with 0.25 MB (2 Mbps) bit rate is only 450 MB.
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