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IEI Introduces 12.1" Rugged Aluminum Panel PC with Intel® Atom D525 Processor

PPC-5152-D525【Taipei, Taiwan, November 1st, 2011】IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), the global industrial computing innovator, introduced the UPC-V312-D525, an advanced UPC series 12.1” fanless panel PC with Intel® Atom D525 processor. The dual-core Intel® Atom™ D525 processor series provides an increased processor speed of 1.8 GHz and supports 800 MHz DDR3 memory. The UPC-V312-D525 is characterized by its ultra rugged metal chassis and built-in SSD with the ability to survive the continuous shocks and jolts of a forklift. The UPC-V312-D525 includes several function keys below the screen, making it easy to control the system by pressing a single key or two combination keys.

The UPC-V312-D525 is a 12.1'' panel PC with 600nits 1024 x 768 LCD with LED backlight. The UPC-V312-D525 has an eco-friendly LED-backlit screen which reduces power consumption and decreases eye strain and tiredness for a more comfortable viewing experience. It can be deployed in various interactive applications. The redundant dual DC input (9V ~ 36V) increases the reliability of the system while preventing data loss and system corruption from sudden power failure. When main power is unavailable or low voltage capacity is present, the system can switch to the second power input instantly and without interruption.

The UPC-V312-D525 features dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth and GPS antennas for delivering efficient communication. The UPC-V312-D525 has a CAN-bus interface with isolation. The Control Area Network (CAN) is a serial bus system. The on-board CAN controllers of the UPC-V312-D525 provide bus arbitration and error detection with an automatic transmission repeat function. This drastically reduces the chance of data loss, and ensures system reliability for networking intelligent I/O devices such as sensors and machines or plant actuators.

An optional 4-channel analog video capture card with BNC interface can be installed in the UPC-V312-D525. It can be used by drivers to reduce loss and damage to goods and assets while increasing safety. The video can also be sent to a control center for monitoring dock to stock status.

The UPC-V312-D525 includes IEI's One Key Recovery software which eliminates the frustration of system recovery after unexpected system failure. This software allows the user to create a full system backup or restore to a previously made backup image with a single click.

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