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Server-grade motherboards with 22nm Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200v2
ATX motherboard

IEI Announces Motherboards with 22nm Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200v2 and Intel® C216 Chipset for High Performance Applications

【Taipei, Taiwan, November 6, 2012】 IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), the global industrial computing innovator, announced the launch of the IMBA-C2160, an ATX motherboard, and the IMB-C2160, a microATX motherboard. These server-grade motherboards support the 22nm LGA1155 Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200v2 and Intel® C216 chipset. Integrated Intel® HD Graphics with DX11 support and integrated VGA support on the Intel® C216 chipset enables these new motherboards to deliver speedy media processing and enhanced graphics performance. The IMBA-C2160 and the IMB-C2160 are the ideal platforms for high performance gaming machines, surveillance systems, public infotainment, fitness equipment, server-grade high-speed communication, and other high-resolution digital signage applications.

ATX motherboardThe IMBA-C2160 and the IMB-C2160 are standard ATX and microATX motherboards supporting state-of-the-art 22nm Intel® processors. The IMBA-C2160 supports advanced three independent displays.  The IMB-C2160 features a high speed interface for two PCIe x8 and two PCIe x4 add-on cards.  With PCI Express generation 3.0 at 8GT/s I/O bandwidth, a USB 3.0 port and a SATA 6Gb/s port, both the IMBA-C2160 and IMB-C2160 excel in data and video transmission. With the Intel® C216 chipset, IT managers can remotely diagnose and repair problems using Intel® 82579 PHY for Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) 8.0 support.

Based on the Intel® C216 chipset with Intel® AMT 8.0 support, IEI developed iEZman and One Key Recovery to combine the power of remote KVM control with simplified system recovery and backup management.  All IEI products can be remotely controlled using IEI's iEZman and One Key Recovery.

What is iEZman?
The IEI iEZman application provides an out-of-band KVM function which allows full control of keyboard, mouse and video output viewing on a remote system through hardware-based Intel® Active Management Technology 8.0. Video output on a remote system is always visible even when there is a BSoD (blue screen of death) or missing disk.

iEZman allows a remote user, such as a support person, to remotely control and perform administrative tasks through a graphical user interface in Windows. All functions can be managed through this single interface after password verification. iEZman provides IT departments with remote client management, OOB (out-of-band) diagnostics and asset tracking regardless of system power or OS state to help reduce TCO and improve productivity.

iEZman Functions:
• Power Management - To power the remote system on, off or reset
• Schedule Power Management - To schedule the systems to wake from a sleep state or shut down at a particular time.
• Remote Access - To boot remote PCs from a local CD-ROM, floppy drive or ISO image, or boot into the BIOS.
• Group Management - To sort remote PCs into groups for easy monitoring and control.
• Patch Management - To apply patches to remote PCs.
• Alert and Events - To issue an alert when system problems occur.

IEI One Key Recovery Solution
The unique IEI One Key Recovery solution includes exclusive technology to recover and backup the operating system with the simple press of a key. A recovery image CD with IEI official license sticker ships with every IEI single board computer, embedded system, or panel PC. It includes system recovery software developed by IEI with Windows PE 2.0. The recovery image can be used to create a full system backup and restore in the event of system failure. There is no need to buy additional backup and recovery tools.

All migration tasks can be performed remotely from a central management console reducing the costs associated with a physical visit. Neither specialized IT staff, nor consultants are required to implement the system imaging and data migration procedure. Thus, IEI One Key Recovery simplifies the backup and recovery process and saves time and money. Please note that IEI One Key Recovery works on IEI products only. A “You are an illegal user” warning message appears when attempting to run the software on a non-IEI product.

The iEZman and One Key Recovery solution bundled with IEI products and Intel® AMT 8.0 is your smart choice for remote control management, system backup and recovery.

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