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IEI Launches IQGATE-100 IoT Gateway Powered by Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 with Wind River® Intelligent
IEI Press Release

IEI Launches IQGATE-100 IoT Gateway Powered by Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 with Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform

IEI Launches IQGATE-100 IoT Gateway Powered【Taipei, Taiwan】IEI Integration Corp. (IEI), the leading industrial computing service provider for IoT solution, launched the IQGATE-100 at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014. The IQGATE-100 is powered by Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000. Its software is completely integrated with Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform that is a scalable, sustainable, and secure development environment that simplifies the development, integration, and deployment of gateways for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IQGATE-100 is an IoT gateway solution that helps to collect data from various sensors and send to the data center in the enterprise private cloud for data analyzing. It offers rich I/O communications in data collecting and sharing such as RS-232, RS-485, USB 2.0, PCIe Mini expansion for Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and on-board SIM card slot for remote connection. The operating temperature of the IQGATE-100 is from -40°C to 85°C, meeting the industrial requirements that can be applied in harsh environments. The IQGATE-100 is built in with the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform that includes the operating system and ready-to-use components built exclusively for developing machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The IQGATE-100 combines connectivity, security, and remote management together, therefore enabling seamless and secure data flow to maximize the performance and efficiency.

"The IEI IQGATE-100 can collect the data from all IEI-designed HF RFID sensor tags, including temperature, vibration, ambient light, humidity and GPS information plus many other functions. Combining these IEI products, we provide the intelligent IoT solution to secure data recording which can be used in a variety of industries. IEI joins forces with Intel® and Wind River® to promote IoT solutions, and get into IoT business together from now on. There will be more upcoming promotions for our smart gateway solution in IoT business opportunities," said Vincent Chen, CTO of IEI.

Providing intelligent solutions into smart life is the vision and mission of IEI. IEI has an innovative R&D team, an effective management system and a quality assurance system to develop solid platforms, friendly interface and integrated solutions to customers with the fastest time-to-market services. IEI is committed to continue designing innovative products, enhancing more smart integrated solutions and providing OEM/ODM services now and in the future.

[Dave Wheat (Director, Global Alliance, Wind River), Keith Shea (Vice President, Global Alliance, Wind River), Vincent Chen (CTO of IEI), Joel Emery (GM, Application-Ready-Platforms, Wind River)]

IEI Integration Corp. About IEI Integration Corp.
IEI Integration Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. IEI provides products for computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking, security, IT systems, communication base stations, medical devices and kiosks. IEI serves industries such as national defense, police administration and transportation. IEI continues to promote its own brand of products in addition to serving ODM vertical markets with complete and professional service.