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IEI Leverages Intel® DevCloud Platform to Provide a Try-before-you-buy Online Service
IEI Press Release

IEI Leverages Intel® DevCloud Platform to Provide a
Try-before-you-buy Online Service

【Taipei, Taiwan, April 6, 2021】IEI has been actively developing AI-ready series products in recent years. Beginning from the end of last year, IEI closely cooperates with Intel on Intel® DevCloud platform to provide users a try-before-you-buy online service for IEI’s AI-ready series products via the partner area on the platform.

Intel® DevCloud is a free, easy-to-use cloud service that allows users to test edge processing. In addition to using the OpenVINO™ toolkit to test on different series of Intel processors, users can also run their AI models on it, which is flexible and convenient. In the partner area, IEI’s AI-ready system, the TANK-870AI, is available for testing. A variety of products such as FLEX-BX200 and ITG-100AI will be added later exclusively.

In recent years, IEI has successively launched various products for AI applications, including TANK, FLEX, ITG, MUSTANG and other series. These products adopts different series of Intel processors such as Intel® Core i5/i7, Intel® Xeon® E series and Intel® Atom®. IEI’s AI-ready series provides a complete product line and diverse choices for users to select according to their actual requirements. In addition, by using Intel® DevCloud to test the products online in the near future, rental or purchase cost of test instrument can be saved, and the overall efficiency of development/ validation can be greatly improved.


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