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Health Tech on the Frontline of Patient Care
Health Tech on the Frontline of Patient Care
2020 is not an easy year for the world. An unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has crushed on healthcare systems. Understaffed hospitals underestimated medical devices and high medical costs have put a strain on a country’s healthcare system. To make matters worse, the hospitals are ill-equipped to deal with large-scale infections. Not to mention, there's no time and no more healthcare giver to clean the medical devices periodically. Nevertheless, we can lower the damage and decrease caregivers’ workload by deploying suitable and helpful healthcare solution.

Case study - IEI’s medical panel PC used as a Workstation on Wheel in a hospital.

Our customer is one of the largest leading public hospitals in Australia and they are known for having one of the largest emergency departments in the country.

There are four main challenges our customer faced when they wanted to upgrade electronic medical record system

  • Old Hospitals with Narrow Corridors
  • Unbalanced Nurse-to-patient Ratio Reflects Nurses’ High Workloads.
  • Inevitable Bacteria Accumulation: No time and no extra healthcare caregivers
    to clean the medical devices with extra efforts and time.
  • Bulky Battery Pack: Most of the traditional nursing carts are equipped with bulky but low capacity batteries which adds more burden on caregivers.
the challenges hospital faced

The Right Solution - IEI POCm Series Medical Panel PC

IEI developed a point-of-care mobile panel PC - POCm powered by hot-swappable batteries to provide uninterrupted power. These POCm were mounted on a medical cart as a Workstation on Wheel (WoW) in hospital they will deployed in prescription room and treatment room of emergency department for caregiver to checking medication via the EMR system. Also, IEI developed POCm DOCKING he battery charging docking for POCm. This POCm DOCKING will be placed in nursing station for charging and swapping batteries. 
The Right Solution - IEI POCm Series Medical Panel PC


  • Stackable and side-facing design to prevent dust
  • Supports fast charging (only 3.5 hours from 0 to 100%)
  • Supports 6 x batteries charging at the same time

Key Results

Nursing carts can now achieve 24/7 operation for optimal use, providing the maximum value for the investment.

key results of smart healthcare

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Product Selection

IEI POCm medical panel pc

POCm-W22C/W24C-ULT3 medical panel PC

  • All-In-One medical certified terminal
  • 3 x hot-swappable batteries:
    (1) with 8 to 16hrs runtime for 24/7 support
    (2) bring a 79% battery weight reduction
  • IP65 front panel and anti-bacteria housing for easy cleaning
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