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IEI is focusing on remote data collection and device management
IEI Press Release

IEI is focusing on remote data collection and device management in cooperation with Intel, SAP and Amazon

【Taipei, Taiwan】IEI Integration Corp. (IEI), the leading industrial computing service provider for IoT solutions, held the seminar of Remote Data Collection and Device Management in Enterprise Cloud in W Hotel Taipei on July 29, 2014. This seminar was focusing on how to provide IoT solutions in a smart way by applying Intel® Quark™ CPU, Moon Island gateway solution, SAP Afaria and Amazon Web Services.

IoT consists of sensor layer, networking layer, cloud computing layer and application layer. IEI provides the total solutions to link and integrate each layer to achieve real automation in the IoT chain. The sensor layer is made up of a wide range of hardware sensors, such as IEI’s RFID tags which are connected to the smart gateway. The IEI IQGATE-100, powered by Intel® Quark™ and Moon Island, plays the role as networking layer in order to transmit data collected from sensors to cloud computing layer. QNAP, a part of IEI Group, acts as the cloud computing layer to provide enterprise private cloud to store, share and analyze data. In the application layer, IEI supplies all kinds of hardware devices, such as industrial PDA, tablets, panel PC, embedded systems, which are compliant with IEI Mobile Devices Management powered by SAP Afaria and Amazon Web Services or IEI Remote Intelligent System based on IPMI 2.0 standard.

In the seminar, IEI demonstrated the RFID temperature, ambient light and GPS sensor tags to be applied into frozen food or medicine environment monitoring during delivery. The sensor tags allow companies to track all the data directly in their enterprise cloud to make sure the food or medicine is stored and delivered properly. Besides, IEI applied the RFID technology in retail store and warehouse management so that employees can easily check stocks via UHF readers, such as IEI’s IURS-300 and MODAT series industrial PDA, without scanning barcodes one by one to save time and labor cost.

IEI also focused on security issue by introducing the IEI Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution based on SAP Afaria and Amazon Web Services. Administrators in the companies can configure, manage and monitor employees’ mobile devices remotely to prevent important information from being stolen. Even if the device is lost, IT staff can wipe out all the data remotely. Moreover, the IEI Remote Intelligent System (iRIS) is compliant with IPMI 2.0, which supports out-of-band remote management allowing administrators to manage systems remotely in the absence of an operating system or the system management software. iRIS can work before an OS has booted when the system is powered down, after OS or during system failure.

“After the launch of IQGATE-100 in June this year, several USA and European companies have contacted us for its applications in hospital, restaurant, shopping mall, transportation, etc,” said Jordan Jiang, General Manager of IEI. “iRIS is also being implemented in some companies in Turkey and Europe at the same time.”

Providing intelligent solutions into smart life is the vision and mission of IEI. IEI has an innovative R&D team, an effective management system and a quality assurance system to develop solid platforms, friendly interface and integrated solutions to customers with the fastest time-to-market services. IEI is committed to continue designing innovative products, enhancing more smart integrated solutions and providing OEM/ODM services now and in the future.

IEI Integration Corp. About IEI Integration Corp.
IEI Integration Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. IEI provides products for computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking, security, IT systems, communication base stations, medical devices and kiosks. IEI serves industries such as national defense, police administration and transportation. IEI continues to promote its own brand of products in addition to serving ODM vertical markets with complete and professional service.