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Courtroom Video Recording
Courtroom video recording solution case study - industrial motherboard

Embedded motherboard simplifies complex courtroom system integration

When the common court of Poland announced a tender to refit their courthouses with new computer hardware to capture all events and enhance their data records, a leading systems integrator in Poland, looked to an IEI distributor to select a motherboard for this application requiring over 1200 units.
The IEI distributor in Poland worked closely with IEI head offices to decide on the optimal motherboard for this project with a rollout lasting many months and, at time or writing, still in progress.
Despite the seemingly simple nature of this project, the selection of the motherboard has a major bearing on the outcome for our supplier and their client.
This case study takes a closer look at the challenges involved when setting specifications for such a large layout, what options were considered, and which motherboard we finally chose.
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