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IEI's iRIS brings you the smartest remote control management
IEI Press Release
IEI's iRIS brings you the smartest remote control management

【Taipei, Taiwan】 IEI Integration Corp. (IEI), the leading industrial computing service provider for IoT solutions, introduced the IEI Remote Intelligent System (iRIS), which is a remote control technology compliant with IPMI 2.0 for out-of-band management of computer systems and monitoring of their operation.

iRIS is a modularized product that meets the IPMI standard which is a very popular worldwide standard protocol in the IT industry. It allows you to manage a computer that may be powered off or otherwise unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than to an operating system or login shell. This kind of out-of-band remote management allows administrators to manage a system remotely in the absence of an operating system or of the system management software. Thus, iRIS can work in any of scenarios such as:

1. Before an OS has booted 3. After OS or system failure or BSOD
2. When the system is powered down 4. Cross Platform and OS independent

Using a worldwide standardized IPMI 2.0 interface and protocol allows iRIS technology assist administrator to remote monitor and manage all IEI iRIS supported disparate devices by group or individual via Internet communication.iRIS via NAS

iRIS Series
■ Specifications
IPMI 2.0 Based Management
  » BMC stack with a full IPMI 2.0 implementation
  » Customizable sensor management
OS Platform Independent
Hardware Health Monitor
  » System/CPU temperature
  » Fan speeds
  » Voltage
  » Chassis intrusion
  » Power supply failed
  » FRU (Field Replaceable Unit)
Event Log
  » BIOS event
  » Hardware health monitor event
  » Sensor readings
  » Email alerts
  » SNMP traps
LDAP Support
  » Direct LDAP support from the device
  » Open LDAP (Generic LDAP) supported
Media Redirection
  » Simultaneous floppy, Hard disk or USB and CD or DVD redirection
  » Efficient USB 2.0 based CD/DVD redirection with a typical speed of 20XCD
  » Support for USB key
  » Completely secured (Authenticated or Encrypted) remote KVM or virtual media
Remote Power Control
  » Remote power control
  » Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) over IP (iRIS-2400 only)
  » Serial over LAN (SOL)
User Management
  » IPMI based user management
  » Added security with SSL (HTTPS)
  » Multiple user permission level
  » Multiple user profiles
Web-based Configuration
  » Full configuration using web UI
  » Fail-safe firmware upgrade
  » Multi-language support in Web interface with English as the currently supported language
■ Easy to Install
iRIS-2400 slot (90°) iRIS-2400 slot (180°) iRIS-1010 slot
Intel® Haswell projects   AMD R-series
Project Form Factor IPMI Solution Project Form Factor IPMI Solution
SPCIE-C2260-i2 PICMG 1.3 iRIS-2400 KINO-DA750-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400
PCIE-Q870-i2 PICMG 1.3 iRIS-2400 KINO-AA750-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400
IMBA-C2260-i2 ATX iRIS-2400 AMD G-series
IMBA-Q870-i2 ATX iRIS-2400 KINO-KBN-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400
IMB-Q870-i2 microATX iRIS-2400 NANO-KBN-i1 EPIC iRIS-1010
IMB-H810-i2 microATX iRIS-2400 WAFER-KBN-i1 3.5" iRIS-1010
KINO-DQM871-i1 Mini-ITX iRIS-1010 Embedded Box
NANO-QM871-i1 EPIC iRIS-1010 IDS-200-i2 AMD R-series (A70) iRIS-2400
WAFER-ULT-i1 3.5" iRIS-1010 TANK-6000-i2 Intel® Haswell (C226) Onboard
Intel® Bay Trail
KINO-ABT-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400
WAFER-BT-i1 3.5" iRIS-1010

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