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■ Custom engineering
IEI has extended its system assembly line to provide solutions that best fit customers’ needs. Our assembly lines and logistics services have the flexibility to fulfill a wide variety of customer specifications and requirements.
Being the top brand in the IPC industry, all IEI staffs devote themselves to provide the highest quality service through global management and advanced technology.
■ Global service
As a leading IPC provider, IEI offers prompt, localized services to customers worldwide. IEI has a global network of over 100 distributors in Europe, Asia and North America to provide quick service and achieve fast response time. From new sales inquiries to ongoing technical support, IEI's localization strategy is backed by our strong technical and logistical support team. Having forged strong relationships with our distributors, their support expertise and technical knowledge of IEI products are readily accessible to IEI customers worldwide. IEI has warehouses in Shanghai and the US which offer comprehensive system integration hardware, software, customer-driven services and global logistics support.
■ Design
IEI's R&D team has years of experience in designing and developing professional software, hardware, mechanical and system integration. Our extensive experience covers nearly every product line in the IPC field and enables us to provide outstanding OEM/ODM services. We guarantee a successful and timely product development experience. The research and development team at IEI is focused on bringing successful products to our clients.
Successful projects include:
● Mobile PCs for police car video recording applications
● Networking platforms for VPN and load balance services
● Video capture for surveillance applications